How to Update the Content of Your NFC Card?

Learn how to update the content of your NFC card in a few simple steps, with this easy-to-follow guide.

So, you are looking for a solution for how you can update the content of your NFC card. Let’s end your search here. 
There are two ways through which you can update the content of your NFC card. 
First, you can update the content through specific apps designed to help you update and change the content of your NFC card. And the second is a much simpler one, which involves just updating the content directly on’s website. 
Let’s go through both these methods.
Update the content of your NFC card via App:
Step 1: Gather the necessary tools
Before you start updating your NFC card, you'll need a few essential tools:
  • NFC Card: The card you want to update.
  • NFC-Enabled Device: This can be a smartphone or tablet with NFC capabilities. Most of the modern smartphones come with NFC capability.
  • NFC Reader/Writer App: You'll need an app that allows you to read and write NFC tags. There are several apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Popular options include "NFC Tools" and "NFC TagWriter", or you can find an app that is compatible with your device.
Step 2: Backup the Existing Data
Before making any changes to your NFC card, it's a good practice to backup the existing data. Use your NFC reader/writer app to read the card's content and save it on your device or in the cloud. This ensures you have a copy of the current data in case anything goes wrong during the update.
Step 3: Update the content, test, and secure
Note: Before you proceed, make sure you have an NFC-enabled Android / iOS device and have already installed the "NFC Tools" app. Here is how you can make changes to your NFC card through the NFC tool app:
1. Open the App: Open the "NFC Tools" App or any NFC app that is compatible with your device.
2. Select Your NFC Card: Tap on the "My Tags" tab within the app. Here, you should see a list of your previously scanned or saved NFC cards.

3. Choose the NFC Card to Update: Locate and select the NFC card that you want to update from the list. If your card is not on the list, you can scan it by tapping the "Read" button in the app.

4. Backup the Existing Content (Optional): Before making changes, it's a good practice to backup the existing data on the card. To do this, tap the "Read" button within the selected NFC card in the app. This will read and display the existing content on the card. You can choose to save this data to your device or cloud storage if you wish.
5. Edit or Update the Content: After reading the existing content, you can edit or update it as needed. You can add, modify, or delete records based on your requirements.
6. Write the New Content: Once you've made the desired changes, tap the "Write" button within the app. This will allow you to write the new or modified content to the NFC card.

7. Confirm the Write Operation: The app will prompt you to confirm the write operation. Ensure that the changes are correct and that you have the correct NFC card selected before confirming.

8. Test the NFC Card: After successfully writing the new content, you can test the NFC card by using it with the intended NFC-enabled device or system. Verify that it functions as expected.

9. Secure Your NFC Card: Once your NFC card is updated and working correctly, take steps to secure it. If the card is used for security-sensitive purposes like access control or payments, be mindful of its security and protect it from unauthorized use.
That's it! You've successfully updated the content of your NFC card using the "NFC Tools" app. Remember to back up your data, use the app responsibly, and take security precautions to ensure the integrity of your NFC card's content. 
Here are some sample videos that you can watch for adding and editing content:

So, as you would have noticed, there are many steps required to update an NFC card using this method. But don’t worry, there is a super simple method, which does not require any app, nor any NFC enabled device.
Website to Update the content of the NFC card Online:
Oh, this is the easiest method. The only requirement is that you should have your NFC card from You do not need to download any app, or a device with NFC compatibility. website lets you update the content of your NFC card online.
Step 1: Login to
With the platform, you just need to log in with your digital business card. You can make any changes that you want, without downloading any app.
Step 2: Update the content and test
On, click the "Edit" option, in the content and themes settings, you can make any changes you want. Those changes will get reflected in your NFC card in real time and you can test your card after making the changes, just as shown in the video below.
Below is an example of how to make changes in the links on the by adding, changing, deleting, reordering, etc.
Tada! You’re done. 
That’s the perk of being wCardian, that you can add, remove, and make changes to your NFC card anytime, anywhere, and an endless number of times.
As an added bonus, any changes you make to your card will appear on your NFC card and anyone who has already saved your card will also be able to see those changes.
Learn how to use your NFC business card in creative and impactful ways. Make a memorable impression and connect seamlessly with clients and contacts.
Final words:
By now, you must have understood the steps on how you can update the content of your NFC card. You can do it either with the help of the NFC tools or you can use the platform to make things of adding, updating, and deleting easier. Let handle all the technical aspects of your NFC cards

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