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A platform to create your free card to share your digital portfolio, resume, social links at one place.

It's Free & easy to create!


A better way to present yourself

A single platform with all the customised features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Free and No Annual Charges

Yes, you heard it right.. Its Free, and always be!

Manage everything

Gain the insights you need to grow — use a single dashboard to manage profile, bio, social links, resume, portfolio, etc.

Share everywhere

A single platform to share your profile to anyone, anywhere - in person, you can share your resume/contact details with few clicks.

Attractive User Interface

Your Color Your Design - We are offering many color options for your card along with your logo or personal photo.

Download Resume

If someone asked you to share your resume then what do you do? - Uhh email? We made this easy by simply share your card URL.

Connect Your Youtube Channel

Just add your youtube channel and we will show the videos on your WCard.

Promote your Portfolio

Use this feature to show your pictures in your profile. Show off your WCard.

New Features every day

We are adding new features everyday!! is used by people across all companies

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Easy to Share

Share your digital business card on the go using a QR code or through email, text, whatsapp and more.

Still sending your resume via e-mail when someone asks for it? We made this easy, Just share you card.

All social links at one place. Share your card and get more followers.

Share digital business card free

Update your Portfolio

Upload you pictures and videos. Let your followers know more about you.

Have a Youtube channel? Add your Youtube channel and we'll take of your newly uploaded videos.

Digital business portfolio

Digital Resume

Organised platform to share your stunning e-resume with a convenient link via e-mail or social media to apply directly to an employer.

Resume analytics will let you know when an employer views or downloads resume helping you to avoid getting lost in the hiring process.

“Through the impact of this global pandemic I thought it was time to look at the digital resume and wcard is the best place for you.”

Pratik Jain Resume
Pratik Jain, Software Engineer
Pratik Jain Digital Resume

Design Suite

This one-of-a-kind platform puts you in full control with popular themes, fonts, colors & formats. The Card Design Suite takes customisation to a new level & elevates wcard far above the competition.

Stunning new card designs and templates are added regularly. Even if you have a favourite cover photo, easily upload and transform it to an wcard in an instant. custom colors and themes


We are Growing

People are already leveraging us to excel in their fields.

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