14 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating a Digital Business Card

Discover the top 14 mistakes people make when creating digital business cards and learn how to create an effective and professional card that stands out.

We have given a lot of advice on how to get the most out of your digital business card, but today we will discuss the 14 mistakes you should avoid while creating a digital business card. This is because the first impression people get of your digital business card matters and it decides whether those people will contact you or not.
If you are a business or an individual creating digital business cards, you need to remember these 14 slips that can make people forget you. So, without further ado, let’s start.
     1. Missing real profile picture: Having a real and professional profile picture is crucial to your success. You might overlook the importance of a good profile picture, but it can negatively affect you and your business. People might think that you are fake and lack originality. As a result, you may not be able to connect with people or convert them.

      2. Ignoring the importance of introduction: Another thing that you should not ignore is writing an introduction of yourself as a professional or a business. Picture this, you meet new people in a professional setup, you need to introduce yourself. So, this is why the introduction is required and make sure to keep it simple and short. Don’t let the people do a guessing game of who you are, what you do, and what you offer to them. 
If you do not have an idea how to write a good introduction, then don't worry, wCard.io has got you covered. wCard.io has launched an AI assistance that will ask you basic questions and write an amazing brief introduction.

      3. Overcomplicated design: You should keep the design of your card simple, and avoid overcomplicating it. Make it easy for people to go through your card and also don't overstuff it with content. Your card design should not distract people from the essential information.

      4. Mismatched color branding: Whether you're a business or a professional, you need to optimize your digital business card to match your branding. You can match colors to your social media profile or logo. Make sure the colors are consistent across all your platforms.

      5. Lack of contact information: Your digital business card should always include your contact information. Adding contact information like phone number, email address, etc helps people to reach out to you. A minimum of two contact details should be provided so that potential viewers have an alternate way of contacting you.
    6. Using low-quality images/videos: If you have a business like real estate, graphic designing, photography, etc., you must upload high-quality images and videos of your property / portfolio, so people can clearly see your relevant photos. Poor image quality can affect the viewer's response.  Additionally, using high-quality images/ videos can help build trust with potential customers. Poor-quality images or videos can create a bad first impression and discourage potential customers from doing business with you.

     7. Omitting a call to action: Now picture this, you have created and shared your digital business card but it does not have a call to action. This will confuse people and lower your card engagement. Your business card should have clear CTA buttons like “Follow me”, “Call me”, “Email me”, etc.  This will give people a clear next step and encourage them to take action.

     8. Neglecting social media links: Making social media links part of your digital business card should not be underestimated. It helps in building trust among the potential customers.  Additionally, adding social media links also increases your visibility and helps in establishing your brand. It also gives potential customers the opportunity to learn more about you and your business.

     9. Neglecting localization: For local businesses or those working with international clients, you should create your cards using a platform that has a multilingual feature, so that your introduction and CTA buttons are easy to read for the target audience. wCard.io offers a multilingual support feature.  This will ensure that you can reach out to a wider audience and create a more local or global presence.

    10. Missing direct WhatsApp chat link: You might be thinking that adding contact details and social media links is enough, but if you are not adding your WhatsApp direct chat link then you are again about to make a mistake. This is because you should give people multiple options to reach out to you, and they can use whatever they prefer the best. We can see that people are increasingly using WhatsApp for multiple purposes, so most people don't save the number and contact it later.
     11. Underestimating contact form: You should also add a contact form to your digital business card. By adding a contact form, people can contact you and ask any questions they have. This way, you can get their contact information, respond to them, and improve your networking efforts. wCard.io gives you the form, so you don't have to figure out what details you need to ask.

     12. Not turning on SEO optimization: Make sure you enable SEO optimization on your digital business card. This will make your digital business card reach potential customers in the Google search engine.  This will help you maximize the number of potential customers and increase your visibility.

     13. Not using a custom domain: If your digital business card URL is not a custom one, then it might affect your SEO optimization as well as perception of your business. You need to add your custom domain or a custom subdomain so that it is easier for people to find you and your business in the Google search results.  A custom domain will also help you to differentiate yourself from the crowd and build trust with potential customers. It will make it easier for people to remember your card’s URL and to refer it to others.

     14. Not using analytics to revise the marketing strategy and card optimization:
If you are not leveraging digital business card analytics, then you might lose engagement. Once you start getting analytics you have to test and try different options and improvise your digital marketing strategy, and networking strategy to get better conversions and clicks.

Bottom Line:

So, these are the 14 mistakes that you need to avoid while creating your digital business card. Check out wCard.io to create a tech-savvy digital business card with the most advanced features that other platforms don't provide. Take advantage of all the features and optimize your digital business card to get the best results. Make sure to track and measure your results to identify areas of improvement. Finally, don't forget to update your digital business card regularly to stay ahead of the competition.

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