What Is the Cost of a Digital Business Card in India?

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Remember the times when a handshake and exchanging traditional business cards at a meeting were the epitome of professional networking? As times change, so do our tools.  In today's digitally-driven world, we find ourselves relying more on our smartphones than our wallets. This shift has given rise to the concept of digital business cards.

But what exactly is the cost of a digital business card in India? Are they worth the investment? 

Let's dive into the details and explore the various factors that contribute to the cost of a digital business card in the Indian market.

Factors affecting the prices of digital business cards in India

Like any other products or services, the prices of digital business cards in India are influenced by numerous factors. Here are some of the key factors that can impact the pricing of digital business cards:

  1. Features and Functionality: The biggest factors that influence the cost of digital business cards in India are the features and functionality they offer. The more advanced features, the higher the price goes. For example, features like CRM systems, analytics, customizable designs, networking tools, social media integration links, multimedia portfolios, etc. are premium features.

  2. Design Customization: As discussed in the above point, customization affects the cost of digital business cards, but there are also different levels of customization that a platform can offer. For example, the platform can offer a wide range of design templates, profile display customization, font customization, banner and layout customization, etc.

  3. Storage Limitations: There may be storage limitations in terms of whether you can add your photos / videos to your digital business card, can you upload your brochure, and can you upload other files. This is a premium feature which impacts the cost of digital business cards.

  4. Branding and Custom Domain: Some platforms offer the option to remove their branding completely from digital business cards. Also, some digital business card platforms, like wCard.io, go even a step further and give the option to use your own custom domain for your digital business card. This level of customization may affect the cost of a digital business card.

  5. Integration with Other Tools: Integrating with other software and tools, like CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and social media, may impact pricing. The better the integration, the more valuable the service.

  6. Underlying Technology and Ease of Use: Some digital business card platforms, like wCard.io, are built using cutting-edge technology which ensures your digital business card opens swiftly and never goes down. On top of that, it is created in such a way that it is easy to use for everyone.

  7. Multi-page Digital Business Card: Most of the digital business cards are single-pages, but lately a few of the premium providers have been offering multipage digital business cards as well. This is a true evolution for digital business cards as you can have a separate page for services, another for portfolio, and so on. This is truly a premium feature which impacts the cost of digital business cards.

  8. SEO Friendly: Every digital business card has a unique URL. Many small businesses have started using digital business cards as their mini-website as well. So, it is essential that the digital business card is search engine friendly and can generate organic traffic for business owners. There are a handful of digital business cards which specifically come with SEO features and make the business owner stand apart from the competition.

  9. NFC: Another factor that can influence the cost of the digital business card is the NFC technology through which you can share your card with one tap an unlimited number of times. There are a very few NFC digital business cards in the market which provide this option.

It's important to thoroughly research and compare different digital business card providers to find a solution that aligns with your specific needs and budget. Keep in mind that the features and pricing structures can evolve over time, so staying up-to-date with the latest information is crucial.

So, What is the cost of a digital business card in India

Now that you know that there are a lot of factors that impact the cost, here are the different price points at which you can find a digital business card in India:

Free: Yep, a lot of digital business card companies, including wCard.io provide free options for digital business cards. Most of the time, these free digital business cards are feature-limited, come with the branding of a digital business card provider, and have to be a sub-domain of the card provider. In case you don’t have a digital business card and can’t afford one, then this is a good option to get started.

Static / PDF Cards: Some of the companies have started selling PDFs as digital business cards. These are not really digital business cards, but only PDF files. What attracts people towards these is their low price point, starting Rs. 499. But you are better off going with a free digital business card, instead of going with this option.

Dynamic Digital Business Cards: These are the full-fledged digital business cards where you get all the features and can edit the card anytime you want. These are the ones you want to invest in. Their pricing typically starts from Rs. 999 per year, and can go up to Rs. 4,999 per year.

Multi-Page Digital Business Card on your own domain: This is the holy grail of digital business cards. You get to host digital business cards on your own domain as well as add multiple pages to it. The pricing for this typically starts from Rs. 2,999 per year.

So, which Digital Business Card should you go with

I know we have presented a lot of different options in this article, which might have ended up confusing you, but I would just quickly give my recommendation here. In case you have a serious business, you should go with a multipage digital business card on your own custom domain. On the other hand, if you are just trying it out, then you can go with a free digital business card. All other options are needless.

I know I mentioned that a multi-page digital business card on one's own domain can go upwards of Rs. 2,999 per year, but here at wCard.io, we believe in providing the best value to our customers. So, you can get this option for as low as Rs. 999 per year. That’s a steal! And if you want an NFC card also, then that’s just Rs. 500 extra.

End note:

wCard offers an incredible range of features and benefits at affordable prices. Even with the free version, users have access to premium features such as personalized links, unlimited social links, and basic analytics. The premium plans, priced at Rs 199 monthly or Rs 999 annually, provide even more advanced features like custom domains with SSL, AI magic text generation, and embeddable media. For groups of 5 or more individuals, the enterprise premium plan offers additional advantages such as administrative control, priority support, etc.

Considering the user-friendly interface and the immense value it provides, wCard is a worthwhile investment for professionals, freelancers, students, and anyone looking to have their own mini-website. With glowing testimonials from satisfied customers praising its style and professionalism in networking experiences, wCard stands out as one of the best digital business card services available today.

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