Why Your Paper Visiting Card Should Have a QR Code of Digital Business Card

Discover why adding a QR code to your traditional paper visiting card can transform it into a dynamic digital business card.

Digital Business cards are the future now, but paper visiting cards are also not going away anytime soon. Having something physical to pass on to your customers is something that digital business cards lack. However, other than that gesture, paper visiting cards have more or less lost their utility. Nobody likes to accumulate paper visiting cards, and instead, everyone relies on the contact information stored on their phone.

How cool it would be if paper visiting cards themselves would have served as a bridge to digital business cards?

This can be done through a simple enhancement: Add a QR code to your paper visiting card, which opens up your digital business card.

This is because having a QR code on your paper card makes it easier for people to directly save your contact information to their phones and removes the chances of forgetting to add your contact or a typing error. With a QR code, people can access your digital business card, where they can access your contact information, website, and other important information that a traditional card cannot have. So, in this way, the QR completes what traditional paper cards lack.

In this blog, we will understand why the paper visiting card should have a QR code of a digital business card.
The power of the hybrid: paper card with the QR code
Two men checking smartphones
Let’s discuss the power of the combination of the traditional paper card with the QR code. Imagine you attended some meeting or event, and now everyone is exchanging visiting cards at the end. With so many different visiting cards, how many people would really take time to manually enter all that contact information in their phones? And let’s say your card has a QR code and the attendees need to just scan that QR code to save your contact information in your phone.  In this way, you will have a better chance of networking with people. You're on the winning end of this deal.
Benefits of adding a QR with traditional paper cards:
The following are some of the benefits of having a QR code printed on a traditional paper card:
1. No more losing the contact information with the card:

Contact Saving Option under Wcard.io’s Digital business card
After some time, traditional paper visiting cards are destined to end up in the trash, and with that, your contact information will also get lost. To save yourself from the loss, you can add a QR code of your digital business card on your paper visiting card. This will ensure that people will save your contact information and other crucial details with a single scan on their smartphones.

2. One card multiple sharing:
By adding a QR code to your paper visiting card, you can share it with many people at once without having to distribute additional cards. As an example, if you attend an event, you can show your one paper visiting card to many people, and they can scan the QR code and download the card to their phones. So, it will save you from the embarrassment of running out of cards.
3. Share more than just basic details:
As we know that paper visiting cards will have basic details like name, contact number, position title, address, etc. But, with the help of the QR code on your paper visiting card, you can share much more information.
By having a QR code of your digital business card on your paper visiting card, you can share your name, contact details, and address along with some extra spices like Google Map location, social links, portfolio, meeting links, payment links, and whatnot! So, when people scan the QR of your digital business card, they are not just getting basic information, but a lot more.

Contact Details Options under wcard.io Digital business cards
Payment and other links option in wcard.io Digital business card

4. Exchange contact:
Now, assume you have handed out your paper visiting cards to everyone in a meeting, but what if you want to have their contact as well? Normally, you have to ask them for their visiting cards. With a QR code of wCard digital business card, this problem can be solved, as when someone scans your QR, an exchange contact form will be generated automatically for them. In this way, they can also share their name, contact information, and other details, such as their company name, their job title, as well as leave you any queries or messages. Isn't it amazing that all that information will automatically be transferred to you?
Save & exchange contact option under wcard.io digital business card
5. Get Analytics Around The Business Card!
wCard.io Analytics Dashboard
You might be distributing a lot of paper visiting cards, but do you ever get to know how many of those people actually add your contact information to their phone?
With QR code on your paper visiting card, you can get this priceless analytics data.
When someone scans your QR code and saves you as contact, you get that information in the Analytics section of your wCard dashboard. Now, you can precisely know how many people actually stored your information, and was that event you last attended actually beneficial for you in terms of networking.
End note:
By now, you must have understood the importance of having a QR code of your digital business card on your paper visiting card. Register now with wCard, and start enjoying the benefits of having a digital business card. You can also generate a QR code directly in wCard and get that QR code printed on your paper visiting card. That’s the best win-win situation.

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