How to Quickly Circulate Digital Business Cards in Events?

Learn how to quickly and easily circulate your digital business cards at events, making more connections and growing your network.

How to Quickly Circulate Digital Business Cards in Events?

So, you are going to some event and wondering how you can quickly circulate your digital business card to everyone. No worries! Take this as a game. It’s a game, where you have to think a few steps ahead and plan your moves carefully in order to win the game. In the same way, you need to plan how you’re going to approach the situation in order to make sure everyone receives your card.

You can do this in two ways, one is through QR codes and another way is through the URL of your digital business cards.

In this blog, we will discuss some cool ways to show off and share your digital business card at events.

Ways to quickly and easily circulate digital business cards in events:

  1. Display your QR on the presentation screen:

Person Showing QR Code on the Presentation Screen


You can display the QR of your digital business card on the presentation screen. This is a good opportunity because everyone will look at the screen during the presentation, so when attendees see your QR code on the big screen, it will pique their curiosity and interest. And by a call to action, you can encourage them to scan the code and explore your digital business card at their convenience. 

  1. Use WhatsApp broadcasting to share your digital business card’s URL:

Display of Katie Digital Business Card URL in the Whatsapp group


You can collaborate with the event manager, and ask to share your digital business card’s URL so that people can click on the link and see your card, which also will act like your mini website, lead generation machine, and amazing portfolio. Obviously, you just cannot share the URL without saying anything. It’s weird right? You need to craft a short and crisp introduction and then strategically place the call to action with the URL, you can mention something like “Check out my digital business card to know more about the services” or “For more information contact me on my digital card”, “see my portfolio by clicking on the link”, etc. 

  1. Share your QR with the complimentary kit:

Complimentary like bag showing QR code of the digital business card


But what if there is no such WhatsApp broadcast group? Don’t worry! You can collaborate with the event manager to include your QR code stickers of digital business cards with their complementary kits and share them with everyone. Giving a complimentary kit is always considered a prudential gesture from the host side.  Often, these kits are given away during registration or check-in, making them an excellent means of reaching a wider audience. By strategically placing your QR code among these complementary materials, you ensure that your digital business card becomes an integral part of each event attendee's experience. Not only does this approach simplify the distribution process, but it also increases the visibility of your contact information. So, when attendees receive their complimentary kits, they not only receive valuable event resources but also a direct link to connect with you, maximizing your networking potential.

  1. Display your QR on a standee:


 A Standee showing QR Code of the Digital Business Card

The next way to quickly and easily share your digital business card is to display its QR code on a big standee. A big QR code displayed on the standee will ensure that people sitting at a distance can also scan it easily. You can put that standee wherever you think it’s suitable. But, make sure to ask for the permission of the event manager. This method is also cost-effective since you create a QR standee just once and use it every time you go to some event.

  1. Put up your QR code on your stall or table:

A person scanning the QR code present on the table


Let’s suppose that you have a stall at the event, so you can display the QR of your digital business card by putting it up on your table or your stall. So anyone who comes to your stall can scan, view your card, and save your contact on their phones.  You can also include a short message or offer with your QR code to make it more attractive. This can help draw more people's attention to your stall and increase your chances of making people see your digital business card.

  1. Print the QR on shirts:

QR Code present on the black t shirt


If you are experimental and want some funky way to promote your digital business card then this option is for you. No, I am not kidding! You can print the QR code of your digital business card wherever you prefer it to be, like on the back of your shirt, front, or both sides. When people spot your QR code, they're naturally inclined to inquire, 'What's that?' This presents a golden opportunity to introduce yourself and initiate a meaningful exchange. By wearing your digital business card proudly on your shirts, you streamline the sharing process while also positioning yourself as a tech-savvy, cool, and fun individual.


There are various ways to share your digital business card quickly and easily. From using WhatsApp broadcasting to displaying your QR code on a standee, these methods can help get your card out to potential customers and generate leads for you. With the right strategy and approach, you can make sure that more people save your card and benefit from your service. Check out, to make a digital business card and generate a QR code for your card to share with everyone and expand your network.

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