Share your contact with a TAP

NFC Business Cards

An innovation way to share your contact & social profiles with a tap.

What is NFC business card?

Near-field communication (NFC) business cards enable you to share your contact information with a single tap. NFC business cards have two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag.

How NFC Tag Works with wCard?

wCard pages are fully customizable, and can be share with anyone without any app.

Design & Purchase card

Choose between basic & custom NFC Card & enter the name you want us to custom print on your card. We’ll add your custom sign up link in the card and ship it to you.

Create your Profile

Once you receive your card, just tap it on your NFC enabled phone & set up your profile. Add social media links, email, contact, UPI payment links & website links that you’d like to share with others. You have the liberty to edit your profile anytime.

Share it with a Tap

Card can be tapped on most of the Android phones and newer iPhones. Non-NFC phones can scan the QR code to access your profile. No apps required.

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NFC Card Features

wCard is built by designers, engineers and strategists for other creators. We understand what you need to grow your business and have delivered these set of amazing features.

Unlimited Taps

Just a tap unlimited times to share your information

Fastest load time

Unrivalled speed when sharing your card.

Manage with ease

See all your live cards in a single unified dashboard.

Sync with your digital card

All the details of your digital card stored on a physical card .

Crafted for you

Our NFC cards are finished to the highest standard, we don’t cut corners.

Link Switching

Switch the link on NFC card between digital business card, instagram, facebook or any website.

Automatic Updates

We constantly add new features to wCard and deliver these automatically

Get Support

Get fast, professional support through our online community of creators.

One page to share everything.

From contact to social links, videos to websites, wCard Pages lets you share all your content in a beautiful one-page website.

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