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How digital business cards (DBC) can help businesses become greener?

Courtesy: Times of India (Aug 22, 2022, 23:58 IST)

According to a report, 10 billion business cards are created annually, with 8 billion discarded within a week. This equates to 27 million cards printed each day. These account for 88% of the cards created, resulting in the loss of over 7 million trees. One of the easiest ways to make a difference is to move up to a digital business card.

The benefits of moving to DBC go beyond being environmentally responsible. It is like evolution; every development gives many more functions and capabilities. Among many, DBC by wCard offers users a choice of customization and sharing of their card with a single click.

"In today's time when most companies are working remotely, client-facing professionals are looking for ways to exchange their contact information digitally. DBC is helping people with this by providing an advanced and feature-loaded technology that helps them network effortlessly and do their business easily, said the founder, of

It also features NFC Card, dynamic QR code creation, business card analytics, a mini website, and managing contacts in one place.

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