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How digital business card (DBC) can help businesses become greener?

Courtesy: Times of India (Aug 22, 2022, 23:58 IST)

According to a report, 10 billion business cards are created annually, with 8 billion discarded within a week. This equates to 27 million cards printed each day. These account for 88% of the cards created, resulting in the loss of over 7 million trees. One of the easiest ways to make a difference is to move up to a digital business card.

The benefits of moving to DBC go beyond being environmentally responsible. It is like evolution; every development gives many more functions and capabilities. Among many, DBC by wCard offers user with choice of customisation and sharing their card on a single click.

"In today's time when most companies are working remotely, client-facing professionals are looking for ways to exchange their contact information digitally. DBC is helping people with this by providing them with an advanced and feature-loaded technology that helps them network effortlessly and do their business with ease said the founder,

It also feature NFC Card, dynamic QR code creation, business card analytics, a mini website and managing contacts in one place.

Navinn Kapur: Digital business cards are the new game changer

Digitizing the traditional paper business card opens up a whole new world of possibilities and utility. The corporate sector is growing digital, from banking to business meetings. As a result, it's no surprise that business cards, a must-have for any successful networker, are undergoing a virtual transformation. Digital business cards bridge the gap and make the corporate interaction between two individuals easy and flawless.  To keep your network structured and sorted in the digital era, you'll need an efficient contact management tool. At the touch of a button, CardByte allows you to save, exchange, and scan cards digitally within seconds.

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