Multiple Pages and Dynamic content

Now you can add multiple pages and dynamic content as per your requirement

We have recently launched a cool feature that many of our user were asking for if they could design their own page as per their requirement. Now the pages in wcard are fully dynamic i.e you can have videos, text area, photos, links, etc on all pages of wcard.

So, what are you waiting for login today and give your digital business card a new look as per your customisation.

To add multiple pages follow the below steps

  • Login to your account

  • Go to Edit card -> Content

  • You will see Add Page button, you can add Page from here

  • Select Add content and choose the content you want to add from multiple option shown as below

    You can also arrange the order of pages from the manage page button, here you can change the order, change the name of the page, and delete the page.

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