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The exchange contact feature provides a convenient and efficient way for individuals to establish and maintain connections with others.

Hello Everyone! 😊

We have recently launched a feature wCard Connect where your user can download your contact and can easily share their contact as well. An exchange contact feature is a tool or function provided by the platform that allows users to share their contact information with others. This feature is often found in social media platforms, email services, messaging apps, and business networking sites. This feature enables users to easily connect with one another and stay in touch, whether for personal or professional reasons.

By default wCard feature is enabled for everyone but user can change their setting based on their requirement on the setting page of their card. User can update the settings from below mentioned steps

  1. Login to your account

  2. Edit your card

  3. Go to settings where you will find wCard Connect and you can enable/disable the setting

    By enabling this feature you can easily get the contacts of the user who are downloading your contact and are willing to share their information to you by sharing their details in the exchange form

All these exchange contact will be shared to you over email and will also be visible under Contacts tab in your dashboard where you can find them anytime. So start sharing your digital business card and easily receive exchange contact.

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