How to add Links on wCard

Now you can add all links on all pages of your digital business card as per your requirement

We have recently launched a cool feature that many of our user were asking for if they could add links on different pages of their digital business card. Earlier we had an option to add links only on Home/About Page of the card. But now you can add Any Links on any Page of your card.

So, what are you waiting for login today and give your digital business card a new look as per your customisation.

To add links on wCard Pages follow the below steps

  • Login to your account

  • Go to Edit card -> Content

  • You will see Add Section button

  • Once Clicked it will open all the possible sections that you can add on the page, Click on Links

  • You will see one section of Links here, choose add Another Link button

  • Here in the Heading area, you can add the title for the section like Payment Links, Contact Links, etc

  • Once you Click Add Another Link, you will get to choose links from over 80+ available links which you can add in the section

  • Once you select the link, a box will open where you can add the link url and placeholder and save it

    That's it and the links has been added, now you can repeat the steps to add more links on the same section or you can add different section for different types of links

    Do you still need help!? we are listening and waiting for the feedbacks.!! Do let us know how did you like this feature on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us You can also reach us on whatsapp if facing any issue and need assistance.

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