Financial Assistance

Need a digital business card but can't afford a Premium subscription? If you qualify and do us a small favor, we'll give you a free 1-month subscription to help out.

Requirements to Qualify

You qualify for financial assistance if you are currently unemployed.

How to Help

Tell your friends/followers/colleagues about how easy it was to create your resume with You can post to whichever social media site you are active on (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Groups, and Twitter are popular choices).

Instructions to Claim

Send an email to with the following and we'll set you up with a free subscription within 96 hours.

  1. Which requirement you meet (unemployment )

  2. A link to your social media post mentioning your experience with wCard

  3. A link to your LinkedIn profile (to verify your employment status or location)

  4. The email for your wCard account

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you land a great job.

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