Our Digital Business Card Features

We have developed a set of impressive features aimed at creating the most informative digital business card.

Create Your Card

Your wCard Page

A simple, yet professional place to showcase who you are and what you do.


About section can be used to highlight ones work and tell about their skills. 

Profile/Cover Photo

Bring life to your profile by adding a profile and cover photo. 

Action Button

Provide direct access to action on a single click. Your Action Button helps your visitors
take action on what’s most important to you.

Direct Whatsapp Button

Provide your Visitor direct link of whatsapp on your Wcard. This will allow user to directly contact you on whatsapp.

Multiple Themes

wCard users now have access to new themes that take current design trends and ensure they convert into clicks.


You can add your Education History to your digital business card efficiently. Show off your academic achievements and qualifications to impress clients and employers. It's a great way to highlight your education and stand out digitally. Create a professional digital business card that sets you apart!

Work Experience

Adding Work Experience to your digital business card is simple and effective. Showcase your professional journey, job roles, and accomplishments to leave a lasting impression on potential clients and employers. With this feature, you can highlight your expertise and skills, making it easier for others to connect and collaborate with you. Create a powerful digital presence by incorporating your work experience seamlessly into your digital business card today!

Contact Form

You can supercharge your digital business card by adding a Contact Form to capture valuable business leads! It's effortless to set up – simply select the fields you want, like Name, Email, Phone Number, and Message. With this convenient feature, potential clients can easily reach out to you, allowing you to build meaningful connections and seize exciting opportunities. Make networking a breeze and grow your business with a fully interactive digital business card!


Flaunt your work with a specified tab. You can upload unlimited picture or photos to demonstrate your skills. 

Easy Share

Now sharing your contact has become very easy. Share your card with QR Code, email, social, WhatsApp, etc

Contact Book

Get Contact book to find all the connected users. You can find any user with contact book easily.

Sensitive Material

Visitors to your card will see a Sensitive Content message before being able to view your profile.

wCard Lock

The wCard Lock feature adds an extra layer of security to your digital business card by requiring an Unlock Code for access. This feature helps to prevent unauthorized viewing of your card and ensures that only intended recipients can view your contact information.

Custom Domain Premium

Link the custom domain you own with wCard in simple steps.

Multiple Cards Premium

Create Multiple Digital Business Card for yourself. Demonstrate your personal as well as professional work separately

Hide Branding Premium

We provide you an option to Hide wCard Logo from footer

Add to Home Screen & Offline QR Code Premium

Add to Home screen is a feature that allows your users to "install" a web app, ie. add a shortcut to their Mobile Home screen so they can access it with a single tap. When you are offline (no internet) this app will show the QR code of your card. Works on Android & iPhone.

Dark/Light Theme Premium

Select in between White or Black Theme. Also, your viewers can switch Dark/Light theme.

Attachment Premium

Include PDF or any other document as attachment

Custom Colors Premium

It's very easy to give new look to your wCard. Choose a custom color from the unlimited color palette. 

Introduction Video Premium

You can embed a Youtube or Vimeo Video to showcase your products or services.

Youtube Channel Premium

Show your latest videos directly from your YouTube Channel in a separate tab.

Embed Twitter Premium

With this feature, you have the ability to directly embed either your latest Tweets or a single Tweet onto your Digital Business Card.

Facebook Chat Premium

Integrate Facebook Chat in easy steps and don't lose on important leads.

Calendly Premium

Introducing new ways of booking appointments, Provide your visitor to book appointments hassle-free. Integrating Calendly will never let you forget your bookings.

Download & Save Contact Premium

Download and Save contact directly to the contacts of your phone.

Unlimited Leads Premium

Get information on Leads direct to your mailbox. This feature will enable your wCard to collect more leads and get you the information directly on your email.

Tap To share Premium

Using this feature you can easily share your contact details with just a tap of a smart card on any NFC-enabled mobile phone.

Custom Javascript Premium

Add Google Analytics, GTM, Facebook Meta Pixel, and other Custom Javascript codes on your card. Copy and paste your JavaScript into the textbox. Be sure to wrap JavaScript snippets with "script" tags.

Analytics Premium

Get statistics about traffic to your page. Analytics will help you know the amount of users coming to your web card daily.

AI Magic Text Premium

Want some inspiring words to help you start being creative? Magic Text, powered by OpenAI, is your own AI tool to help you quickly write a first draft. Just give it a prompt, and watch as it creates text for your digital business card, like a copy, profile descriptions, product details, and more, all in seconds. It's easy to use and will get your ideas flowing quickly!

Introducing AI Magic Text

With Magic Text, our content generation tool powered by OpenAI, you can go from an idea to your first draft in seconds. Just use a simple prompt to help you write anything you need, like social media captions, profile bios, or even brainstorming ideas for poems or letters. Get access to Magic Text with wCard.io Premium. It's easy and quick!

Save time with quick and effortless content generation.

  1. Profile Description: Easily generate an attention-grabbing profile description or bio caption in seconds. Stand out from the crowd with personalized and engaging content. Try it now and leave a lasting impression!

  2. Product Description: Easily create engaging product descriptions in seconds. Just give a prompt, and see the magic happen! Attract customers and elevate your brand effortlessly. Try it now!

How to use AI Magic Text

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Click on Edit Card

  3. Go to the Content tab

  4. Select the Page where you want to add text

  5. Click on Add Section Button

  6. Select Textarea Section

  7. Click on AI Magic Text

  8. Select type "Profile Description" or "Product Description"

  9. Fill out the Form according to the type selected.

  10. Click on Generate Text button